Bridge Jumping

Since 2003, we have done more than 30.000 jumps. Everyone who has lived this experience, recommends it. ¡More adrenaline and safety in just one place, bridge jumping is one of the most popular activities in Baños de Agua Santa!
At Baños, there are available two points for practicing bridge jumping: San Francisco bridge, over 100 m high, and Río Blanco bridge, approximately 40 m high. Totally safe equipment, under international UIAA and CE standards.

After giving safety information, the guide will give you two integral harnesses, with special ropes, designed and certified by international standards for this activity. You will jump into a void and enjoy the free fall, then, in pendulum-like movements, you will stay suspended in the air for several minutes, with your adrenaline at the top!
The jump is 45 m high, the pendulum has 80 m and then you will come down to earth doing a 30 m rappel. Just for people loving adrenaline!

The tour includes:
– Full equipment
– Professional bilingual guides
– Transportation
– Helmet
What to bring:
– Camera
– Sunscreen